India works to obtain the support of Capitol Hill in Kashmir

NEW DELHI: Surprised by the strong anti-Indian sentiments that were recently manifested in the United States Congress, both India and the United States are taking corrective measures to restore balance.

(R) of South Carolina made the strongest defense of the Modi government in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Describing as an obsolete law provision that the Indian Constitution recognized as temporary, he said that the steps that Prime Minister Modi and the Indian Parliament have taken are necessary, are good for the long-term stability of the region, and should be applauded. .

In criticizing Pakistan's continuing policy of cross-border terrorism, Holding, the co-chair of the Indian Caucus, said: Pakistan-based terrorist groups have recently published posters that warn ordinary citizens not to venture, go to work and visit places public groups have continued to participate in cross-border terrorism and have attacked civilians and children. These militant groups have also attacked migrant workers and those who are involved in the apple business, which is the main cashmere crop.

The Modi government, he said, was right in addressing a situation that was being used by the forces to foster terrorism and separatism. The Modi government had to make a decision on whether to continue with the old policy or move forward by changing the legal status of the region.

For its part, the Indian government is improving its own dissemination processes in Congress, bringing together what officials called a comprehensive strategy. This occurs after it is concluded that many of the mission officials have been less than extroverted, arrived late to the meetings and refused to answer the questions of their interlocutors, etc., which generated several complaints about their efforts.

The strategy includes an approach focused on key leaders of Congress by the Indian ambassador Harsh Shringla. Indian officials are increasing the frequency and intensity of their briefings of the employees and assistants of Congress, most of whom are very powerful and have a strong influence with legislators.

In the coming weeks, Indian mission officials are expected to meet a large number of congressional leaders in their constituencies, particularly those who have a large number of members of the Indian community.

Getting involved is a full-time effort, but the Indian mission has traditionally hired some political officers at work. The sources said this will intensify in the coming weeks. For example, Ambassador Shringla met with Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman on Thursday to address the differences.

Sherman used to be more positive about India, but at a recent foreign committee hearing, he seemed hostile to India. Both sides were working to restore the relationship, sources said.

This is important as Pakistan has put resources and pressure organizations to counter India in different ways, including through misinformation and misleading statements.