Test for BJP while Jharkhand votes in 5 phases since November 30

NEW DELHI: The Election Commission announced on Friday surveys of the Jharkhand assembly with a vote scheduled between November 30 and December 20. The results will be declared on December 23.

The battle will be intensely seen with the BJP sub-par demonstration in the recently concluded elections in Haryana and Maharashtra, providing hope to the opposition camp that the Narendra Modi The wave that swept the 2019 Lok Sabha polls can give way to local problems in the assembly elections.

Congress quickly decided to maintain its alliance with Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), accepting a minor partner position. BJP, on the other hand, will lead the fight to defend the government as a partner.

The alliance had clicked on Lok Sabha's polls, winning 12 of the 14 seats in the state, challenging estimates that state government ownership could harm BJP in national polls.

Although state polls are largely a verdict on local and regional affairs, Jharkhand will present a key test for BJP to try to establish that the shocks in Maharashtra and Haryana were aberrations and that their mojo is not dented.

Like in the two states, BJP had won Jharkhand in 2014 in the aftermath of Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading BJP to an unexpected full majority. Ensuring the 2014 election was not a fluke and that BJP is now well established as a party of governance will be a challenge, an important aspect being the government being led by a non-tribal.

However, Raghubar Das has tried to overcome this disadvantage by promoting social assistance programs, such as initiatives for the financial inclusion of women's groups and greater access to banking. When asked why assembly surveys in Delhi, scheduled for February, were not scheduled together with Jharkhand, the EC said that such a plan had not been considered. “If the CM of Delhi says it wants elections immediately, we will do so because the commitment of the forces in Delhi will be much smaller compared to a larger state. But that is what the CM must decide, ”said CEC Sunil Arora.