Maharashtra power struggle: Sonia, Pawar to discuss the support of Shiv Sena

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: with the war of nerves between Shiv Sena and BJP stalling the formation of a saffron government in Maharashtra, the leaders of the state Congress met with the head of the party Sonia Gandhi in the national capital on Friday.

After the meeting, they said Congress would “wait and watch” the situation unfold. However, an NCP leader said party chief Sharad Pawar would meet Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi on November 4, where the issue of supporting a Sena-led government would be discussed.

For his part, neither BJP nor Sena took any steps to finish the dead end on Friday, and Sena deputy said his party was ready to form the government and demonstrate the majority on the floor of the house.

While congressional leaders seemed to suggest that he was not eager to get in line among saffron allies, it is known that Maharashtra party leaders alerted senior officials that he should prepare himself with a response to scenarios that may arise. soon.

If Sena and BJP fail to reach a compromise, a section in Congress wants the party to join with NCP and Sena.

However, the leadership seems to be weighing the pros and cons. Some leaders think it is up to Sena to make a proposal. While Congress has not committed to Sena, its NCP partner has. Discussions between Congress and the PCN have continued since the results of the survey were published on October 24.

“We are waiting and watching the political drama in Maharashtra. Congress has not submitted any claims. Sena has not given us any proposal, nor has there been any dialogue with her, ”former CM Ashok Chavan told TOI. However, Chavan did not mind taking sides in the saffron conflict. “BJP is responsible for this situation. He is apparently not fulfilling the promises he made to Sena, ”he said.

The leader of Mumbai, Milind Deora, said: “Congress will not be used as a negotiation tool. We have been given a mandate to sit in the opposition and we will fulfill that mandate.

As it seems, Congress would prefer Pawar to take the lead. Being head of a regional party known for having a broad political network, the situation suits him more. Anyway, he is in open contact with the leaders of Sena, a situation that Congress cannot afford.

A senior AICC leader said Congress must be prepared for any situation, but a partnership with Sena can only mean that NCP and Sena form the government, with the external support of Congress.

But the longevity of such an agreement would always be in doubt, and the leadership is not sure if such an insecure company is worth the ideological commitment to Sena.

In any case, the Congress managers said that the opinion in the party is that the stalemate between Sena and BJP must be observed until the end, either as a result of an alliance or a break. It is only then that Congress can think about moving forward.