I always wanted to tell the story of an old ghost: Sahana

Bhut (ghost) has always been one of the favorite themes of Bengali literature and cinema. From Mamdo Bhut to Brombhodoitya, Bengali literature has explored as many ghosts as possible. The films have also explored the subject. Each ghost has its own characteristics and features. Some ghosts are known for their ghostly appearance and their deadly activities, while others are kind as Bhuter Raja, who granted all three wishes to Gupi and Bagha.

Bengali television has also explored the seemingly horrible subject. And writer Sahana duty , who is the creative head of a leading producer, has already shown that ghosts can also melt your heart.

She made the audience fall in love little Bhutu . Now, she is ready to tell another story that revolves around the human being, the ghost and an unusual bond between them in the upcoming Chuni Panna television show.

At a press conference held on Friday night, Sahana spoke sincerely about 'Chuni', 'Panna' and his inspiration to create the characters in a space dominated by saas-bahu sagas. She said: “Chuni Panna is a different kind of story. He will tell the story of a Chuni girl, who is not afraid and wants to meet a ghost. She may not be afraid of ghosts, but the idea of ​​marriage terrifies her. She believes that mother-in-law is cruel as shown in saas-bahu sagas on television. The in-laws do not leave stones unturned to make the life of the daughters-in-law miserable. She has rejected many parties and considers that the place of the in-laws is more fearsome than a Haunted house . ”She laughed as she shared.

Sahana narrated the story as he had conceptualized it.

Chuni, who spent most of his free time in haunted places to meet a ghost, decides to reject another marriage proposal. She wants to meet the future boyfriend. But to his surprise, the future boyfriend Nirbhik, himself asks him to deny the marriage proposal. It makes her curious. Chuni learns that Nikbhik, who is very afraid of ghosts, wants to be the husband of the house, since he wants to leave his place, which is haunted. When Chuni learns about the existence of ghosts in Nirbhik's place, he easily accepts the marriage proposal.

“Right after marriage, Chuni meets Panna, an old ghost who resides in Nirbhik's place. Chuni had no idea what he was doing. Panna, who doesn't like Nirbhik's family, makes Chuni's life miserable. The story will tell how Chuni deals with a ghost that resides in his Shosurbari, ”laughed Sahana.

The main cast, Annwesha Hazra (playing Chuni) and Dibyojyoti Dutta (playing Nirbhik) were also present at the press conference. Annwesha, who is a cheerful girl in real life, is excited to play Chuni. She said: I wouldn't mind meeting ghosts in real life, although I'm not as brave as Chuni. She (Chuni) is excited to meet a ghost. I just loved the character.

Dibyojyoti's character is right in front of his name Nirbhik. He is very afraid of ghosts and certainly wants to stay away from them.

Nirbhik is very afraid of ghosts. It is right in front of Chuni, who spends nights after nights in a haunted place just to meet a ghost.

The writer and the cast promised that the show will not be a typical saas-bahu saga with conspiracies. Rather, Chuni Panna will have an emotional bond. It will narrate the beautiful link between a human being and a ghost.

Sahana said, “I always wanted to narrate the story of an old ghost. In Bhutu, I narrated the story of a cute little ghost. With Chuni Panna , it's time to tell the story of an old ghost. The program will take the audience on a new journey, in which viewers will see how love and care can work wonders in the life of a ghost too, ”he concluded.