Breast cancer survivors walk down the ramp in Lucknow

In a unique initiative, a fashion show for Breast cancer the survivors were organized by the Department of Endocrine Surgery of King George's Medical University ( KGMU ), Lucknow, at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Scientific Convention Center recently, where male and female breast cancer survivors walked down the ramp. The fashion show included two male breast cancer Survivors along with 50 female survivors from various districts of the state, who participated in the ramp walk that was organized to raise awareness among people about the disease.

(L)  Padmini Kolhapure  (R) Anamika Bhatt (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui) (L) Padmini Kolhapure (R) Anamika Bhatt (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)

The chief guest for the event was Bollywood actress Padmini Kolhapure whereas the guest of the honor was play singer Tripti Shakya

While interacting with the survivors, Padmini Kolhapure said, Breast cancer is the most common of the cancers. I would like to request the families of the those afflicted with the disease to support them. If these women get a little support from their family, a little love, I think they will be able to encounter anything in their life.

Prem Rog's actress also sang a song from her film, Zindagi Pyaar Ka Geet Hai, Ise Har Dil Ko Gaana Padega. (L) Anand Mishra (C) Prof Rama Kant (R) Dr Arun Chaturvedi (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui) (L) Anand Mishra (C) Prof. Rama Kant (R) Dr. Arun Chaturvedi (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)

The main objective of this program is to take patients who have already conquered this battle, against those who suffer from breast cancer so that those who struggle with this disease are motivated and also increase their confidence to get their treatment done, he said The event organizer, Professor Anand Mishra, HOD of the Department of Endocrine Surgery.

Students enacting a play (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui) Students representing a play (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)

One of the male breast cancer survivor, Mehtab Khan, who lives in Shivpuri, Hussainabad, sharing his experience, said, "When I was diagnosed with the disease, I was told that its treatment will cost a lot of money which I was unable to afford. So I refused to get the treatment done but then I went to KGMU and Prof Anand Mishra helped me and did my treatment and that too at a very low cost." Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi from Hamirpur, UP, another survivor, shared, "I was diagnosed at the second stage of breast cancer in 2016. I was told to have an operation and I am totally healthy at the moment. I will also like to convey a message to others that if it is checked on time, cancer is not incurable."

Breast cancer survivors (left and right) walking the ramp (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui) Breast cancer survivors (left and right) walking along the ramp (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)

A parody was also performed on the disease and its effect on people. A group of students also organized a play in an effort to raise awareness about the disease and its prevention.

- Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui

(L) Tripti Shakya (R) Breast cancer survivors (left and right) walking the ramp (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui) (L) Tripti Shakya (R) Breast cancer survivors (left and right) walking along the ramp (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)