Imman recreates Vande Mataram for Ravi's film with Lakshman about farmers

The filming of Jayam Ravi's 25th movie Bhoomi It is currently underway in Pollachi. The film, which has agriculture as its backdrop, is directed by Romeo Julieta. Lakshman . But since agriculture is the subject of many films these days, the director says that this will be unique. Yes, the movie talks about farmers, but unlike the other movies, it will be about why agriculture is essential and what will happen if there is no agriculture, he says.

Jayam Ravi plays a scientist who comes to the village to investigate the problem plaguing the place. The actor has taken risks and performed some of the stunts, informs Lakshman. “I've got injured a few times, but I've continued to shoot. He is in the second league of heroes now, and just like how Vaali and Khushi catapulted Ajith and Vijay to the top league, this film will do the same for Ravi sir, ”he predicts.

Nidhhi Agerwal plays the female protagonist in this movie and will be seen as a modern girl who comes to the village and supports the hero in his mission.

The songs will be special, says Lakshman. “Just like MGR’s Vivasaayi, we have a song that talks about the importance of being a farmer. There is also another inspiring song on Tamil people. And D I'm a man He has recreated Vande Mataram and has given it a new color. This will play during the climax, which will be emotional, ”he reveals.