I realized that comedy is a complicated thing in the film industry: Aditya

by Aditya Menon , working with Saran in his next movie it was like a kind of homecoming.

“Saran got me into movies in 2003, when he cast me in Jay Jay. I did Anjaneya (directed by Maharajan) and Jay Jay almost simultaneously. I also did Vattaram with him. During the last few years, I was busy with Telugu and Kannada films. When Saran called me for this film, I just had to do it for him, ”begins the actor,“ Saran is a close friend, and I respect him a lot. He’d kind of taken a break and I’m glad he thought of me when I decided to make Market Raja MBBS . He called me one day and gave me a summary about the character. He asked me if I could do something like that, and I said yes immediately. It is a role based on humor, something I always wanted to do.

Although Aditya is reluctant to reveal details about her character, she says: I'm with Arav Through the movie When there is a setback, my character takes him out of the mess.

The actor says he’s thrilled to work with Saran after a hiatus. “We both have come out of KB’s camp. In fact, it was K Balachander sir who introduced me to him. The benefit I have with Saran is that he lets me experiment. There are directors who tell actors what they exactly want. And then, there are those who tell us, ‘This is the situation, show me what all you can do’, and Saran is like that. From then till now, he has not restricted me to just standing and delivering dialogues in his films, ”he says.

Having played serious antagonists and roles, playing a comic role was a refreshing change, Aditya adds. “I started with the theater, and most of the roles I did on stage were based on comedy. When I moved to the film industry, I realized that comedy is complicated. In the sense, you need to know the local flavor to get the essence of the right mood. A bad boy is bad in any language, but it's not the same for comic papers. Then, I began to assume roles of characters and villains that appeared to me. Now, I'm really happy to be making comedy-based characters, he concludes.