Ravichandran returns with a murder mystery

After starting his career as a filmmaker with a couple of projects, one of which didn't even launch, Shiva Ganesh hit the gold when he came to collaborate with Kichcha Sudeep in his production Jigarthanda . “Working with Sudeep, sir, was one of the most enriching experiences a newcomer relative can get. Although I made another movie , Trataka , after that, my most recent is Aa Drushya , in which I got to work with Crazy Star V Ravichandran. We finished the movie in a 30-day schedule, of which Ravi sir took only 16 days to finish his portions, even though the narrative follows his character,” says Shiva.Ravichandran, adds the director, was quite the mentor for him on set. “He was more than just an actor and involved himself in the making. There were times when I’d plan a scene, and he would point out that we had done something similar already and suggest an alternative. Also, since there were a lot of close-up shots of him, where the camera was placed right next to him, he would call action, roll camera, act, and end the scene as well. That was the level of his involvement in the making of this movie ,” says Shiva.

Although the title sounds similar to the previous actor Drishya , the movie is not a sequel and is, actually, the remake of a Tamil hit, which sees Ravichandran play a cop, who narrates a previously unsolved case and sees him in two distinct get ups. “This is probably the first time that Ravi sir does not have a heroine in a movie . In fact, the only song in the movie plays during the climax and the end credits. And while the movie is essentially a murder mystery, it also looks at what happens when the protagonist’s cell phone is turned off for a day. The story has a lot of twists, but the most pertinent one occurs when his phone is turned back on,” Shiva signs off.