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Do you want the last buzz in the front of gossip? A glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous? A wind of Chennai's best kept secrets? The writer, activist, presenter and queen bee Apsara Reddy fills you with ...

A new Bharath?

Why has Bharath been out of the picture and on the screen? It seems that the actor is rethinking his image and has talked with friends about reinventing himself. The piece has always been known for its construction or its presence in city parties and nightlife. Now, he wants to shake that image and reinvent his appearance and distrusts who and where he joins now. This talented actor surely has a better future if he filters the extras and excesses.

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The plans of the Heiress of the Resort

The daughter of the owner of a resort has just returned after obtaining a medical degree from Armenia. Andrea Kurunathan, who has her own legion of fans on social networks for her stunning photographs and artistic publications, seems to have given the massive complex a peculiar makeover and has added international touches to the service. It is said that many writers and screenwriters, such as Vairamuthu, visit this complex and stay there to write vacations.

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Warm Diwali party, this

Diwali's party of former Attorney General Bharat Raman for his colleagues and youth was private, but it was one of the warmest parties in the city. Meticulously planned by his wife Padmini Raman, the party was nostalgic as many of them talked about stories of challenges and victories of decades. He joined the fun Gautam Raman, who is being prepared by his caring father.

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Forever fit!

A few selected from the Khader Nawaz Khan Road fitness circles know that TP Saira has been a furious success in fitness circles even two decades ago. That was the place where Chennai's aerobic movement really began. Today, Saira has some super special recipes and DIY tricks to shape. Today's fitness instructors and celebrities visit the owner of this boutique to get those magic potions.

Come to the point

This important retailer in the city, who is interested in mobile phones, has been surprised with his hands in the dough by his wife on the same road as the one she was driving. Instead of stopping to say hello, the nervous husband, who thought the wife was following him, stepped on the accelerator and walked away quickly. The wife had only wanted to say hello. She thought he was leading to an official meeting. As he walked away, she did some field work and discovered that this man was heading to a bar lounge to meet his crush.