School, three vehicles burned at J&K

SRINAGAR/KOLKATA: Criminals set fire to a government high school in Shopian and three vehicles, two of them belonging to a BJP leader, in southern Kashmir in the first acts of arson since J&K became Union territory Thursday.

While the school in the village of Shopian in Koodanyl was saved from being destroyed by fire, the three cars attacked early Friday in Bonigam in Anantnag were destroyed. Two of those vehicles were being used to transport students from a school run by Abid Khan, president of the local BJP unit. The third was owned by Ghulam Nabi Dar, a numberdar (village chief) from the same area.

The arson occurs immediately after a series of terrorist attacks in which trucks, drivers and migrant workers have been targeted, including five Murshidabad workers in Bengal who were shot dead in the district three days ago.

Friday, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee He announced that his government would bring home 131 workers who had gone to J&K to work in the orchards there. This was after a video showed four workers talking about their desperation to return home after Tuesday's massacre in Kulgam. The workers will meet in Srinagar early Saturday morning and we will bring you back to Bengal by train. Our resident commissioner based in Delhi is working on logistics, ”said Mamata.