Jharkhand surveys: people with disabilities, voters over 80 can use the ballot

NEW DELHI: For the first time, people over 80 and people with disabilities can vote from their homes using the facilities. However, the third category of people in the essential services, which also allows the service of voting by postal mail in accordance with the recent amendment of the Rules of Electoral Conduct, will have to wait until the Delhi elections to be held at the beginning of the next year, as the Commission is still deliberating on the identification of such services

According to the evaluation conducted by the election director, there are about 2.19 lakh voters older than 80 years and 2.16 lakh marked as persons with disabilities, on state lists.

The CEO of Jharkhand will contact each and every one of the voters identified in these two categories to inform them of the new provision and the process to follow to exercise the election of the home ballot, said an EC spokesman.

The Commission will take all necessary measures to facilitate voting by mail for absent voters, who work in essential services, from the subsequent election to the legislative assembly at the NCT in Delhi, the spokesman added.

The Center, on the basis of a recommendation made by CE on 02.09.2019, amended the Electoral Conduct Rules of 1961 on 22.10.2019 and prescribed the possibility of a vote by mail for absent voters, including a voter belonging to the category of elderly citizens over 80, people with disabilities and people employed in essential services such as aviation, railways and state transportation, etc.