Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, November 1: Kairav ​​accuses Kartik of not loving him and Naira

The last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naira Thinking he still understands Kartik's choice. She says why there are circumstances against her that can't fix things.

Naira sees Surekha and wonders from where is she coming. Surekha asks Naira that why is she standing alone and asks if everything is okay. Naira asks Surekha had she been somewhere. Surekha gets nervous and starts giving different excuses.

Kartik sees Naira and Surekha talking and invite them both for cake cutting.

Kartik asks Kairav for a selfie but he refuses to smile for the pictures. Kartik tells his dad that Kairav ​​is very upset and he is not liking it at all.

Kairav ​​thinks that Kartik always scolds Naira and decides to not cut the cake.

Naira brings the cake outside which has a picture of Kartik and Kairav. Kartik looks at the picture and says that it is very special for him as this was the day when they met for the first time.

Naira asks Kairav ​​to thank his father for bringing such a beautiful cake for him.

Kairav ​​breaks his silence saying that he does not want to cut the cake. He then ruins the entire cake with his hand.

Kartik asks Kairav ​​if he fought with someone. He asks him if someone told him something. Kairav ​​pushes Kartik away and screams that he hates him and says that he does not want to celebrate his birthday with him.

Naira asks Kairav ​​that what has happened to him. Kairav ​​says that he does not like Kartik and that he shouts at her. He says that he doesn’t even love them. Naira tries to make Kairav ​​understand by saying that Kartik loves them a lot and he is a very good man.

Kairav ​​leaves Naira’s hand and runs away on the road. Kartik and Naira run to save him.