The wives of the Islamic State initiate a case of repatriation in Holland

THE HAGUE: The lawyers of 23 women who joined the Islamic State asked a judge on Friday to order the Netherlands to repatriate them and their 56 young children from the camps in Syria.

Women and children lived in deplorable conditions at al-Hol's camp in northern Syria, lawyer Andre Seebregts said in court.

He added that his situation had worsened significantly due to the Turkish incursion into Syria and the possibility of Syrian forces taking control of the Kurd-controlled camps so far.

The Dutch government has emphasized that it is too dangerous for Dutch officials to go to the camps and find women to return them to the Netherlands.

The state's lawyers repeated that argument in court and added that women were not entitled to Dutch consular assistance in the fields.

According to the Red Cross, some 68,000 fighters defeated from the Islamic State and their families are held in al-Hol camp. They were detained in the custody of the Syrian Kurdish forces after taking the last enclave of the jihadist group.

According to figures from the Dutch Intelligence Agency as of October 1, there are 55 militants from the Islamic State who traveled from the Netherlands and at least 90 children with Dutch parents, or parents who had lived for a considerable time in the Netherlands , in northern Syria.

The court will issue a verdict on November 11.