Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update, November 1: Komolika fakes an injury so Anurag doesn't talk to Prerna

The last episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay start with Veena asking if Anurag He has lost his memory because he no longer behaves as he used to.

Anurag then greets everyone in the Sharma family and introduces everyone to his wife, Sonalika.

In the Basu mansion, Mohini instructs his family not to talk about Prerna and Anurag in front of Sonalika. Anupam says that he cannot understand why they cannot talk to Sonalika about Prerna. Moloy asks the same thing.

Komolika She tells Sharma that they were married for fate and that she is very happy about it.

Veena is dejected seeing this strange behavior of Anurag.

Mohini tells Moloy that if Sonalika comes to know about Prerna she might leave Anurag. She says that she is saying all of this to ensure that her son’s life is not jeopardized.

Veena tells Shivani that being a mother she cannot see Prerna in such a state. She asks her how can Anurag forget Prerna. Shivani tries to pacify her mother.

Anurag sees the anklet in Prerna's feet and says that he has seen it somewhere. Prerna says that this is a very common anklet and he must have seen a lot of girls wearing it.

He asks Prerna if they have ever had a conversation besides the usual 4 lines.

The same moment Komolika pretends to get injured and falls from the stairs.