Himachal Pradesh defeats Hyderabad; Andhra by Uttar Pradesh

HYDERABAD: After a victory in the first round, the Hyderabad hitters handed out a pathetic display to collide with a humiliating 147-run loss against Himachal Pradesh in the one-day BCCI U-23 tournament in Dehradun on Friday.

Hyderabad pattern Abhirath Reddy He won the raffle and asked Himachal to beat first. Kartikeya Kak He sent Sidhant Purohit (0) with only 6 on the board, but starter Ravi Thakur stabilized the tickets with a 58-run stand for the second wicket with Shubhum Arora (10). Hyderabad bowlers responded strongly and reduced Himachal to 88 by six before Nitin Sharma and Ayush Jamwal led the recovery.

The duo added 129 for the seventh wicket since Himachal finished with 246 for nine. Nitin got 75 (81b; 8x4, 2x6) and Ayush made 54 (69b; 8x4). Kartikeya, Praneeth Raj and Hitesh Yadav took two wickets each.

Hyderabad had a disastrous start since Captain Abhirath and starter Mohd Junaid Ali could not open their score. Shreyas Vala (4) also left early and Hyderabad dropped to 14 by three. Varun Goud (29) and Rahul Buddhi (26) tried to undo the damage, but after adding 36 to the total, Varun left. From then on there was a virtual parade while the wickets fell in rapid succession. Hyderabad received 99 shots in 27.1 overs.

Gnaneshwar feeds Andhra at home

Captain CR Gnaneshwar gave a century to lead Andhra to a four wicket victory over Uttar Pradesh on the grounds of Jaipuria Vidhyalaya in Jaipur.

Batting first, the batters of Uttar Pradesh were unable to capitalize on the beginnings they obtained and finished with 280 on the board. After the early loss of Priyanshu Srivastav (7), UP recovered through Aniket Seth (35) and Madhav Kaushik (55). The duo added 93 for the second wicket before they perished in rapid succession. Karan Sharma (66) and Sandeep Tomar then took the score to 180 before the latter left. Karan and Sameer Choudhary added 73 for the fifth wicket before Karan fell.

In response, Andhra dropped to 54 by two, but Gnaneshwar and Karan Shinde directed the side to a safe place. The duo added 152 for the third wicket before Karan fell in love with a 77 of 82 balls (6x4, 2x6). Gnaneshwar, who made a 122 of 120 balls (12x4, 6x3) set off with the team that needed 24 more to win. Pathuri Manohar (20 no) and B Vinay Kumar (24no) completed the procedures to accumulate full points. With two victories from two games under his belt, Andhra is at the top of the table.

Brief scores: Himachal Pradesh 246/9 in 50 overs (Ravi Inder Thakur 45, Nitin Sharma 75, Ayush Jamwal 54; Karthikeya Kar 2/57, S Praneeth Raj 2/58, C Hitesh Yadav 2/25) bt Hyderabad 99 in 27.1 overs (A Varun Goud 29, Rahul Buddhi 26; Arpit Guleria 2/28, Vaibhav Arora 2/18, Ayush Jamwal 2/9, Apoorva Walia 3/13). Himachal Pradesh 4, Hyderabad 0.

Uttar Pradesh 280/7 in 50 overs (Aniket Seth 35, M Amit Kaushik 55, Karan Sharma 66, Sandeep Take 35, Sameer Choudhary 41; Maram Reddy 2/61, Shaik Mohd Rafi 2/68) lost to Andhra 284/6 in 49 overs (CR Gnaneshwar 122, Karan Shinde 77, P Prudhvi Manohar 20th, B Vinay Kumar 24th; Shubham Mavi 4/55). Andhra 4, UP 0.