City B celebrities at the Terminator screening

B-town celebrities and Bro's teammates got together to see a preview to see this year's long-awaited action actor Terminator Dark Fate and had a lot of fun watching Arnold kick butts!

Arnold Schwarzenegger done The terminator unforgettable and it done him a megastar. Now “he’s back” as the iconic character – going from Judgment Day to Dark Fate. The superstar is back to his legacy as Terminator: Dark Fate releases on 1st November. Produced by James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger , Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong reprising their iconic cult roles, Terminator: Dark Fate will release on 1st November 2019 in 6 languages: English Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada and Malayalam!

Celebrities like Paul manish Iqbal Khan Karanvir Bohra , Karan Mehra, Akshay Dogra, Gaurav Khanna, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Rajeev Paul , Harshad Arora, Abhinav Kapoor, Rajat Barmecha, Jaskaran Gandhi and many more were seen having a spectacular night of boys and enjoying the action and reliving their memories of 'Terminator', while the movie brings Arnold and Linda Hamilton back (Sarah Connor)

With global positive reviews coming, India will see the movie premiere tomorrow!