Urojahaaj speaks of simple human dreams and dreamers: Buddhadeb Dasgupta

Buddhadeb Dasgupta Urojahaaj's latest film, which has been praised by the international film circuit, is scheduled for screening at the Kolkata International Film Festival . Last year, Urojahaaj was screened at international festivals in Mumbai and Kerala. This year has already garnered great appreciation in Madrid, New York and London, and now is the time for Kolkata moviegoers to witness that the masterpiece like Urojahaaj will be shown as part of the KIFF Master segment.

Speaking about his film, the acclaimed director says: “A small newspaper report caught my attention years ago. It was a strange dream of a seemingly crazy man. I began to develop the concept for my next film when I discovered that even a naive dream can become a threat to the system. It can also lead someone to a misery that he or she does not deserve. I wanted to make a film about dream travel: some lost in the midst of the increasing violence and intolerance of today's times, some still breathless for life, and some more who are not ready to succumb.

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In explaining the main theme of Urojahaaj, the National Award-winning filmmaker said: The film is about simple human dreams and dreamers. I still believe that fighter planes want to fly away from war zones just to remember the song of heaven.

Protagonist Chandan Roy Sanyal & Parno Mittra in the lead, ‘Urojahaaj’ follows an idealistic villager who discovers a wrecked WW2 Japanese warplane deep in a ghostly forest. Seeing passenger planes overhead, his dream has always been to fly. He sets about secretly repairing the plane, but as he starts enquiring about an engine, the military find out & he is soon considered a national threat.

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Dasgupta’s films are often subtly laced with a pressing politic of the ordinary man pitted against the all-powerful state & ‘Urojahaaj’ is no exception. The official selection at KIFF has also made the ‘Tahader Katha’ director pretty much excited. “It feels great that people in Kolkata will finally get to see the film. ‘Urojahaaj’ has been made keeping in mind the modern scenario of our society. It will be theatrically released pan India on December 12,” added an elated Buddhadeb Dasgupta .

The experienced filmmaker stressed on an interesting point when speaking about his thoughts on filmmaking. "To me reality is so boring. It’s often very repetitive & somewhat predictable. But if you can extend the reality, you would get to invent the magic of the unreal.”

 Buddhadeb Dasgupta

He has often compared his films to the critically acclaimed Latin American literature of Gabriel Garcia Marquez & Umberto Eco. Filled with thought-provoking images, allegory along with layers of themes, Dasgupta's films have always taken flights of fantasy from the realistic foundations.

Asked if he has any advice for the modern filmmakers, Buddhadeb Dasgupta focused on a few particular elements: To know the craft of cinema is quite easy, it takes hardly 6 months to adjust to the basics. But to realize the images, you must read poetry. You don't have to write poetry or be a painter in reality. Instead go to the galleries. Listen to a wide range of music. To find out the magic moments, to discover is the only way.