Kashmir is one of the most beautiful scenic places to shoot: Sumit Kaul

The actor Sumit Kaul who acted in Laila Majnu, Haider and Hamid (all three shot in cashmere ), he says: I never found any unpleasant experience while filming any of my films ( Haider, Laila Majnu and Hamid ), on the contrary, I found people in the valley warm, who are excited about working with a production team . I am originally a cashmere i Pandit (my family was unceremoniously kicked out of cashmere ) and I know that cashmere is are more than happy to be a part of film unit and seek employment every time a film is being made there. For the last 30 odd years, they have been struggling to get employment and when a production house comes there, it helps them earn a livelihood in ways more than one. We have at least two local assistant directors and a few others in the production team . Apart from that, from transport to catering services, hotels, people who provide lights for the set etc. also benefit when we shoot there. Hence, if we begin to make more films in cashmere , it will lead to more jobs for the locals who otherwise live in uncertainty and fear."

We spoke to the actor the government revoked Article 370 that gave Jammu and cashmere the special status which was followed by snapping of telephone, and internet services in the valley.

He added, " cashmere is one of the most beautiful scenic locations to shoot since it has everything that can make the visuals in a film mesmerising - beautiful valleys, rivers, mountains, greenery etc.. The four seasons offer different experiences and visuals, hence I don’t see a reason why filmmakers and artists wouldn’t to shoot there. Almost 80 per cent of areas and locations in cashmere have been stable enough for filmmakers to shoot. When our PM Modi mentioned cashmere has the potential to become the world's largest tourism destination and that filmmakers must focus on the area, I wasn’t surprised because it always had the potential . This just that people are realising it very late and not much efforts have been made to stabalise the situation there. This should have been done decades ago. I hope that peace is restored in cashmere and both locales and filmmakers outside the territory feel secure to Work there.