Anil Radhakrishnan Menon apologizes to Bineesh Bastin; Clarify the entire incident.

After the news of filmmaker Anil Radhakrishnan Menon allegedly refuses to share the stage with the actor Bineesh Bastin took the social media by a storm, the filmmaker has finally apologized and clarifies his action. Speaking to the media, the filmmaker clarified that he never meant to discriminate the actor , and added that he was unaware of another guest in the function. "Apologies from the bottom of my heart, Bineesh," the filmmaker said while responding to the incident.

Confessing that he usually avoids public events as he is not quite comfortable, Menon said that he agreed to attend the event as the college authorities insisted on him a lot. The filmmaker also added that he got the invitation from Government Medical College, Palakkad in short notice. Menon told that the college authorities insisted him to join the magazine release, as Menon is a native of Palakkad and they had no other celebrity at that point.

"As I am a bit hesitant attending events, I asked them not to pressure me if they have any other guests. Also, I don't ask for monetary benefits for events, and asked them to avoid me if there was someone else," Menon said to the media. The college authorities agreed upon it, however later they rang the filmmaker and informed that Bineesh Bastin will also join the event.

The filmmaker wasn't comfortable to share the stage with a person who has the limelight and conveyed the same to the college authorities. After a while, they called the director again and informed him that they have set separate events, one for the College Union celebration and other the college magazine release. So Menon will be attending the magazine release. After this was sorted, the filmmaker attended the event, and while speaking to the students, he saw Bineesh rushing to the stage. The filmmaker added that he was a bit surprised to see the actor entering the stage, as the university authorities said no one else attended the event.

Although he was surprised, Menon asked the students to give a round of cheers for the actor . However, the actor was upset and straight away sat on the floor. Menon also stressed that he was totally unaware of what was happening and as the mishap was going on he asked the students if he could release the magazine and leave. It was then Bineesh who spoke and said that he was not a Menon, and so on. Clueless on what was happening, Anil thought of waiting out of the stage, till it gets sorted. However, Bineesh spoke and drove away from the venue. The filmmaker said that he even requested the college authorities to have a conversation with the actor and sort the issue before he leaves, but the attempt failed, as Bineesh walked away from the venue.

The filmmaker also said that he has never felt privileged or of a higher caste, simply because he is Menon. Adding that he was clueless about what was happening, the filmmaker said that he is ready to apologize if the actor felt bad. Marking his apologies, Anil also revealed that he has even penned a small character for Bineesh in his next film, as the actor has played a small part in one of Anil's directorial. Putting an end to the controversies, the filmmaker said that he has never referred Bineesh as a 'Third-grade actor '.