Cyclone 'Maha' recedes from the coast of Kerala: IMD

KERALA: Cyclone 'Maha' that formed in the Lakshadweep The Arabian Sea region has completely withdrawn from the coast, the Indian Meteorology Department () said on Friday.

The 'Maha' cyclone that has formed in the Lakshadweep region in the Arabian Sea has completely receded from the coast of Kerala. The cyclone is about 390 kilometers from the city of Galapuram, which is making its way to the coast of Oman said IMD.

It is moving north-westwards over the Great Lakshadweep so leaves Lakshadweep safe.

However, the meteorological department has warned that there is a possibility of wind gusts of 60 kmph in Lakshadweep.

The Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) decided to deactivate emergency mode operation of the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The warnings will be evaluated and the necessary instructions will be issued as part of normal functions from here on, said the Kerala State Disaster Administration. Authority.

Teams (NDRF) and Coast Guard officers published in the state EOC are relieved of their duties. Two teams will remain in Thrissur RRC and will be deployed at short notice if necessary, he added.