Karnataka: 15 Iranian fishermen arrested for entering illegally and fishing in Indian waters

UDUPI: Karnataka (CSP) has arrested 15 under 1981 for illegally entering and fishing in Indian waters.

The CSP police superintendent said the defendants were arrested Thursday night after Kuldeep Sharma, deputy commander and boarding officer of the Indian Coast Guard, New Mangaluru, filed a complaint. The defendants were arrested and referred to judicial custody until November 14. An incident of illegal entry of Iranian fishermen into Indian waters was reported when the Vikram Coast Guard vessel patrolled the Indian coast.

On October 21 at 2.46 p. M., Two fishing vessels Avidhi and Ishan had entered Indian waters and were found fishing about 165 nautical miles in the territory of the Lakshadweep Union. The Coast Guard officers asked the captain of the fishing vessel to stop, but he refused to do so and moved on. It was then that the ships were intercepted and the captain of the fishing vessel and crew members were asked to produce documents. When they acted irresponsibly and refused to submit the necessary documents, especially permission to fish in Indian waters, the ships were stopped and towed to the Port of New Mangaluru.

Unfortunately, the Avidhi ship developed technical problems and the ship sank near Agatti. The crew members were transferred to the Ishan fishing boat and were brought to the port of Mangaluru by the Indian Coast Guard. The SP said the defendants are citizens of Iran and operated illegally in Indian waters. They were not licensed and had prevented the Coast Guard from fulfilling its duty in addition to illegally collecting resources from the Indian territory. The defendant reserved under section 3.7, 10, 15 (a), 14, 15 (c) Maritime Zone of the Indian Law of 1981.