Have you already taken the # PotHoleChallenge2019?

You have probably assumed the challenges that have become viral on social networks, but this fact that is causing a stir in Mumbai is something you should also try in Pune. So that Mumbai is bumpy, the Municipal Corporation of Brihanmumbai (BMC) has presented an innovative idea. Taking its Twitter page, BMC has introduced an application that calls it # PotholeChallenge2019. He has urged people to download the application and click on a selfie with the bump. He continued claiming that the bump will be repaired within 24 hours. In addition, he has promised a sum of Rs 500 if the given pothole is not fixed with the given time.n According to the BMC Pothole Challenge, a person is required to register in the Fixit application. BMC has specified that the bump with which a person clicks on the selfie must be 3 or more inches deep, at least one foot wide and must be on a road controlled by the Municipal Corporation of Great Mumbai (MCGM). In the event that several people report a pothole at any given time, the prize money will be awarded to the one who reported first, if they cannot solve it within 24 hours. You have also set a limit of two potholes per person.

The challenge has been given for a period of seven days, from November 1 to November 7. Internet users had a mixed response about this super innovative and knowledgeable idea of ​​BMC technology, while some asked about the number of days the pothole would last, others complained about the various BMC applications that don't work and are very poorly designed Are you ready for a challenge in Pune?