Trump backs Boris 'fantastic' by Corbyn 'bad' before UK polls

London: president of the United States Donald Trump stirred some pens in the United Kingdom with an intervention in the next general elections of the country by supporting his friend Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris johnson and categorizing the leader of the opposition Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn as bad for Britain.

In an interview with LBC Radio with the host and leader of the extreme right Nigel Farage by phone on Thursday night, Trump pressed for an alliance between the conservatives and the Farage party as an unstoppable force for the December 12 polls.

I have excellent relationships with many of the leaders, including Boris, who is a fantastic man. I think he's the right guy for the time, Trump said.

I know that you and he will end up doing something that could be excellent, if you and he come together it is [an] unstoppable force, he said.

In reference to Corbyn, the president of the United States was scathing.

Corbyn would be so bad for your country, it would be so bad, it would take you in such a bad way. It would take you to such bad places. But your country has tremendous potential, it's a great country, Trump said.

The remarks prompted Corbyn to take to Twitter to accuse the US President of "trying to interfere" in Britain's internal affairs to get "his friend Boris johnson elected".

However, in his characteristic style, Trump also criticized Johnson for his Brexit agreement reached with the European Union (EU), as detrimental to trade relations between the United States and the United Kingdom, forces Downing Street to rule out concerns.

Trump said: Under certain aspects of the agreement you cannot do [sign a trade agreement with the United States]. It cannot be done, it cannot be traded, we cannot make a commercial deal with the United Kingdom.

I think we can do many times the figures we are doing at the moment and certainly much larger figures than the ones it is doing in the EU. So, I know that Boris wants to be very careful with that.

In response, a spokesman for Downing Street said the UK Prime Minister’s Brexit agreement with the EU guarantees control of laws, trade, borders and money.

Under this new agreement, the entire United Kingdom will abandon the EU customs union, which means that we can close our own free trade agreements around the world, from which all parts of the United Kingdom will benefit, said the spokesman.

The UK ministers also quickly rejected the idea of ​​any kind of electoral pact between the conservatives and the Brexit de Farage Party.

We are not interested in making any pact with the Brexit Party or with anyone else. We are willing to win it, said UK Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.

The Brexit Party has been under pressure to decide between presenting a large number of candidates, which may end up benefiting the Labor Party from the opposition, or concentrating resources on a small number of potentially winning Brexit seats.

Johnson pushed the early elections in December to try to win a majority after he could not get support for his EU withdrawal agreement in the UK Parliament in time for the deadline of October 31, due to his minority government .

Therefore, Brexit is expected to dominate the agenda in the electoral campaign for all parties: with the Tories offering to make Brexit, Labor will have sensible talks on the issue with the EU and liberal Democrats to stop Brexit.