The theater group presents medical insurance for members

Theater The premature death of actor Satish Shaw after a prolonged illness shook the theater world recently. Debesh Chattopadhyay, by his own admission, learned an important lesson from this incident and introduced medical insurance for all members of his group, Sansriti . The director has also asked other groups, which receive government grants. The state government provides medical insurance to members of west of bengal Forum of film artists. In the theater, however, we do not have such facilities. Satish's death was a revelation to me. So, we have introduced medical insurance for our team members, ”said the director.

There are 22 members in Sansriti. “Out of them, 10 workers did not have any medical insurance. Hence, we started with these 10 artists, including Gambhira Bhattacharya, who is not our member but has been working with us for a while now, ”Debesh said. The current insurance will cover up to Rs 2 lakh for medical expenses.

Debesh has also made an appeal to the theater community through his social media handle. “Film artistes get the same support from the government. We do not know yet if anything can be done for the theater workers. But the groups that get government grants can come forward. This is just a proposal. After posting it online I got a very good response. Many people are willing to come forward, ”he said.

Satish Shaw was diagnosed with oral cancer last year. The theatrical fraternity showed up and raised funds for their treatment.