3 Pakistanis among the 6 guilty of the 2008 attack at the Rampur CRPF camp

RAMPUR: The court of the additional district judge in Rampur on Friday convicted six of the eight defendants in the attack on a CRPF camp 12 years ago. Two of the defendants, Qauser Farouqi and Gulab Khan, have been acquitted.

Of the six defendants who were convicted on Friday, three are Pakistani citizens.

The amount of the punishment will be announced on Saturday.

Seven members of the CRPF were martyred in the attack and a rickshaw shooter was also killed. The attack took place in the early hours of January 1, 2008 when CRPF staff were sitting around a bonfire after the New Year's Eve celebrations.

The center of the CRPF group was attacked with grenades and AK-47. Seven jawans were killed before they could react and the rickshaw shooter who slept near the door was also killed.

The defendants are Imran and Mohd Farouqi of PoK, Fahim Ansari of Mumbai, Sabauddin Saba of Bihar, Baba Khan of Moradabad and Mohd Sharif of Rampur.

Fahim Ansari and Sabauddin Saba are also charged in the 11/26 attacks in Mumbai, but were later fired for lack of evidence.

Government lawyer Dalvinder Singh said the defendants were involved in the attack on the CRPF camp.

The defendants are currently housed in the Lucknow and Bareilly prisons.