TV host and singer Noel Sean reveals why he chose Rahul Sipligunj over Sreemukhi as winner

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 is preparing for a grand finale on November 3 (Sunday). And popular reproduction singer Noel Sean , which presented programs like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2010 and Super Kutumbam, is campaigning for bestie Rahul Sipligunj . Before the end, Noel spoke exclusively with about the finalists, choosing Rahul instead of Sreemukhi As winner of the show and much more.

Speaking about why he thinks Rahul deserves to be the winner, Noel said: “Rahul has been constantly learning and improving his game throughout the show. He was always with his friends and even tried to help them when necessary. In addition, he always entertained with his songs. I love your game and obviously I would like you to win.

When quizzed about why he chose to support Rahul over Sreemukhi when both of them are his good friends, Noel said, “Yes, they are my friends and initially, I used to support both of them. But I've decided to support Rahul and campaign for him the moment Sreemukhi declared to nominate him for the rest of the season. I felt she was holding some kind of grudge against him and I didn’t like it. Moreover, almost 11 contestants nominated Rahul for eviction in an episode and he didn’t deserve that as well. That moment, I determined that I'm going to stand by him and try my best. ”

He adds, “This contest is actually fun. Baahubali is no fun with Prabhas alone, Rana should be there too (laughs). In fact, it benefitted Rahul when Sreemukhi targeted him. ”

Naming a favorite is very different from campaigning for them and nobody knows better than Noel. Speaking of this, he said: “I was massively trolled multiple times. Even young girls used to abuse me for supporting him and I never knew anyone could curse so much (laughs). I am someone who believes that our job as supporters is to urge people to vote. But I don't understand why some groups are paying to fool other contestants. I have enough evidence against them. But, again, I know these people and decided to ignore them and rather focus only on our campaign. ”

If it's not Rahul, Noel wants Varun to win the title And here is your question for the winner, what do you think really made you a winner?

I want to really understand if they realize the role of spectators in their victory, says Noel.