Pune developers celebrate the spirit of coding in GDG Pune

brandwire_image_75616402 Pune developers celebrate the spirit of coding in GDG-Pune brandwire_image_75616402

The Pune-based voluntary organization, Google Developer Group (GDG) recently concluded the 8th edition of its annual Devfest. The annual flagship technology conference brought together more than 1,000 technicians in Pune, including 400 women developers.

The developer festival organized by GDG Pune attracted world-class speakers and experts in emerging technologies that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud, Android and the web for a day of technical sessions and workshops. At the keynote conference presented by Sun and Sands Advisors CEO and founder of Scale Ventures Fund, Rahul Narvekar inspired the audience to undertake the venture. The conversations delivered by Mansi Joshi, Director of Software Engineering at Google and Sandeep Gupta, Product Manager of Tensorflow, Google focused on the cases of use of AI and ML in the real world.

Rajat Kabade, one of the organizers of GDG Pune He said: Devfest 2019 is by far the best annual festival we have organized. Allowing the city developers to have access to world class experts and speakers is what keeps us going. Our group focused on encoders, Women Tech Makers has marked a milestone by bringing the large number of women in technology to attend Devfest. We are committed to improving the gender gap in the technology industry.

GDG Pune, which started in February 2011, is a strong community of Pune-based developers. The group and its organizers, Rajat Kabade, Mahaveer Muttha, Swapnil Jathar, Gautam Chitnis and Pranoti Nandurkar organize at least one community meeting each month to involve developers through hackathons and practical technical workshops. Technological awareness is the main objective of this group of volunteer developers based on Pune.

TechGig, the largest IT learning platform in India and host of the Code Gladiators event, holder of the Guinness World Record, was the event's media partner. The women developers were seen lined with bees TechGig Geek Goddess 2019 put put in the event. Sanjay Goyal, head of business, TimesJobs and TechGig He said: “It was a pleasure to be part of the GDG Pune event. TechGig, which is a community focused on technologists, found an equally enthusiastic partner in GDG for the Pune event, where the crowd was swelling with so much energy and passion for IT solutions. It was a fabulous event and we look forward to more opportunities with GDG. ”

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