Agnisakshi Update, October 31: Akhil apologizes to Shourya

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Shourya bursts into Anjali's room and asks for the opportunity to talk to her. When the duo starts to argue, Akhil suspects that Anjali's room is closed. He checks his room and becomes enraged when he sees Shourya inside and confronts him.

He drags him into the living room and looks for an explanation in front of family members. Sannidhi tries to stop him but fails.

Radhika loses her cool and stops Akhil from the humiliating Shourya.

She admonishes Akhil and takes him aside to speak privately. After suspecting Akhil's intentions, she blackmails him to leave the house with Maya and asks him to apologize to Shourya.

Akhil is surprised at his life and tries to clarify Radhika's assumptions. But Radhika does not give Akhil time to convey his thoughts. Instead, she emotionally threatens to leave the house.

Fearing the consequences, Akhil apologizes to Shourya. Also, he suspects that Anjali is hiding something from him. Tanu advises Akhil to stay away from the problem.