Donuts with jalebi, gulkand and mawa touch

Magnificent Mawa

While donuts are always delightful and we all love to enjoy them from time to time, however, the idea of ​​donuts that taste like Indian mithais seems tempting. Joyous Jalebi, Magnificent Mawa and Grand Gulkand, a traditional twist given to regular donuts in this popular donut chain, will make you fall in love with donuts again. Donuts are everyone's favorite and by creating a unique version by adding traditional sweets, we're just adding to their appeal and flavor, says chef Santosh Tekle of the chain. These donuts have no eggs, so even if you don't eat eggs, you don't have to miss these sinful delights.

Joyous jalebi

Breaking down these special donuts, he says: “While Joyous Jalebi is a mava peda filled with donuts that has been dipped in white chocolate cream, and covered with whole Jalebi and garnished with pistachio flakes, Mawa's magnificent donut filled with mava peda , custard sauce in dark chocolate, covered with a thick drizzle of mava peda custard and garnished with almond flakes. ” However, the real pleasure is its Grand Gulkand for those who love the essence of rose. We prepare donuts stuffed with gulkand, rose petals, Rooh Afza and then cover them with similar ingredients, followed by garnish with rose petals and Rooh Afza, Santosh says. So, if you love mawa, or you are a jalebi lover or someone who loves roses, you know what you have to choose!