Dasgupta Anumita on working with Soumitra Chatterjee and Aparna Sen

Soumitra Chatterjee & Aparna Sen will once again share the screen in Anumita Dasgupta’s upcoming relationship drama ‘Bohomaan’ & the director is delighted to work with two acting powerhouses. While speaking about her film, Anumita shared her experience of working with the two stalwarts of Bengali cinema.

“Soumitrada used to take suggestions despite being an icon. As we have worked earlier also, there’s no such communication gap. And, he doesn’t need to be told anything related to acting. After all, he’s a living legend. Like, after shooting scene if I thought that something needed to be changed he wouldn’t hesitate & promptly go ahead


with the retake. Frankly speaking, he gave me so much freedom & space. On the other hand, Rinadi ( Aparna Sen ) is actor-director, plus the huge experience she has – it’s a pleasure to work with her. I personally love both her acting & direction. Initially it was a bit difficult to convince her for the role but I had told her if she won’t take the role I will not make this film. And I got lucky because that worked,” revealed Anumita.

Bohomaan also stars Bratya Basu & Arpita Chatterjee in the lead. The film produced by Flying Steps Films will hit the theatres on November 29.