The puneitas are ready for a spooky night

Creepy costumes: check; scary accessories - check; pumpkin clippings - check! Their Feast of All Saints , and Puneites are trying their best when it comes to organizing horror themed parties in their homes. From preparing treats to participating in trick or treating and wearing spooky costumes, this is what awaits us today. Young people enjoy the thrill of dressing up as popular scary characters. Dinesh Shukla, a BBA student, says: “I am dressing as The Nun of the movie of the same name. For this, I had to sew the costume a month ago .nDinesh shares that the whole purpose of celebrating the festival is to do something new and unusual. According to him, costumes make the day memorable.

 Feast of All Saints _House_Party (7)

 Feast of All Saints _House_Party (13)

On the other hand, for fashion entrepreneur Tina Mulchandani, Feast of All Saints is all about celebrating with friends and bonding over scary costumes. She says, “I am dressing up as Pennywise from the film It. The character is super eerie, and I think it will add that spectrum factor to my getup. My friends are going to be dressed in gothic costumes and makeup, and we are all set for a fun night out.”Besides these, the Scary Ghost will make an appearance this time too. One of the most popular Feast of All Saints costumes, this one is a preferred choice among many.

 Feast of All Saints _House_Party (3)

 Feast of All Saints _House_Party (9)

Feast of All Saints is incomplete without some trick-or-treating, and youngsters are looking forward to enjoying this tradition too. Medical student Rajneesh Nair says, “This is my first Feast of All Saints celebration, and tonight my friends and I will go out trick-or-treating on campus. We will hide candies in different areas and our friends will have to go out and search for them. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun.”