The highlights of Bhayam's review: a horror story that advances at a snail's pace

Did Halloween fashion engender the accelerated interest in horror or was it the other way around?

There may be no way of knowing, but this week has two terror releases in Malayalam, one of which is Bhayam . Starting with a completely unimaginative title, which spoon feeds you exactly what they expect you to feel? Will the movie offer so much?

Directed by Ajith, Bhayam has Adil Ibrahim , Hima Shankar , Guin bunch and Akshara Kishore in important roles.

Vinu (Adil Ibrahim) is a singer and he wins a haunted apartment as his prize for winning a music reality show. He moves into his new apartment to futher his career, but fate has other plans for him.

Bhayam has a slow moving and predictable storliney which unfolds in leisure giving you plenty of time to wait for the scare. But Bhayam is looking to surprise you with a jump-start scare. It allows you to settle into the story and wait for the fear. It allows you to wait and think whether you want to even be scared. An amateur visualization and mediocre performances and rough on the edges editing hardly allows you to immerse into the narrative. And the background score also sticks out like a sore thumb. However, for the theme the cinematography works well.

In the interval, Vinu realizes that he can't trust anyone and that even his eyes have been cheating on him. Will Vinu leave the situation he is in?