Puducherry CM Narayanasamy calls Kiran Bedi a 'demon'

PUDUCHERRY: Prime Minister V referred to Kiran Bedi as a demon while addressing an event on the 35th anniversary of the death of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi here.

People have faith in us. They trust Congress, their alliance partners and that is why we are in power. We will do good things for people. And that is why people believed in us and voted for us. So we are obliged to act and do good things for them. We are also ready to do good things. Me and my colleagues in the cabinet work day and night to give good things to people. But he has put a demon here, which does not let us work. had said.

The prime minister blamed Bedi for creating obstacles in the implementation of the schemes introduced by the government.

In a closer look, the state government has been at odds with the Lieutenant Governor for the last few months over administrative matters.

On October 12, Puducherry's minister of health and tourism, Malladi Krishna Rao, accused Bedi of delaying the implementation of development schemes for the Yanam region, a Puducherry enclave in Andhra Pradesh.

He claimed that Bedi has been threatening ministers and officials on behalf of the Central Bureau of Investigation () after they complained about their negligence towards Yanam before the central government.