Neelakkuyil Update, October 31: Swathi promises to expose Rani in front of the family

In the recent episode of Neelakkuyil Radhamani arrives at Radhanilayam. She notices her wedding photo and throws it away. Radhamani tells Amma that he doesn't want to see anything that proves that she is Sharath's wife. He also adds that he returned home only for Rani.

Later, Amma and Sharath's sister decides to leave the house. They think that Sharath and Radhamani will solve their problems if they are not close.

On the other hand, Ravi looks anxious about the events in Prabhalan's office. Swathi realizes this and tries to have a conversation with Ravi. She confronts Rani and tells him that the latter is creating problems in Kaushthubham. Meanwhile, the Captain returns with everyone and Ravi rushes to Balan. Realizing Ravi's anxiety, Balan reveals that the lawyer has cleared all his doubts.

Later, the Captain calls Swathi and confronts her for creating problems in the house. He questions his hatred for Rani. The captain also narrates Prabhalan's revelations. Swathi is surprised with the words of the Captain, but denies it. Hearing this, Ettathi orders Swathi to apologize to Rani. But, Swathi is adamant about the same.

Kasthoori meets Swathi and tries to comfort her. Swathi replies that she has done everything for Kasthoori. He also promises that he will soon expose Rani to the family.