Update from Manjil Virinja Poovu, October 31: Mallika advises Anjana against divorce

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , Mallika meets Anjana and talks about Manu. Anjana gets scared and asks if she should leave the house soon. Mallika says Anjana should never leave PK Nilayam. Anjana is surprised by Mallika's words. Mallika also adds that she started to like Anjana and promises to take care of her.

Manu listens to the conversation and intervenes quickly. Manu complains that even Mallika began to ignore him. Mallika is furious at Manu's words. She orders him to leave the room.

Later, Mallika informs Anjana that the trial in the latter's divorce case is scheduled for the next day. She advises Anjana not to accept divorce in front of the judge.

The next morning, Anjana meets Prathibha and tells him that she is going to court. Prathibha conveys that he will be happy if Anjana makes a good decision.

On the other hand, Mallika shows the article in the newspaper to the defender. She speaks very well of Anjana and her hard work in rebuilding the company. Mallika also advises the defender who convinces Anjana to deny the divorce.

Later, Manu enters court with Sona. Meet Anjana and make poor quality comments about her.

Manu enters the witness box and talks about Anjana. He claims that Anjana is having an extramarital affair with her former lover. The judge orders Manu to present the evidence of the same.

The episode ends when Anjana enters the witness box.