Ke Apon Ke Update By October 31: Tandra escapes

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Tandra claim to be Rumpa Sen, Mayuri's friends. She denies all charges and challenges Joba to prove. The latter says that she has all the evidence to prove that Rumpa is none other than Tandra. Joba and Param Narrate all the past crimes committed by Tandra. Seeing the situation going out of her hands, Tandra gets furious.

Param tells how they planned everything to reveal Tandra’s true face. Tandra loses her calm and threatens Joba. She accepts the challenge. The family members are at a loss. Tandra takes out the revolver and points at Joba. But the latter isn't bothered about her safety. She challenges Tandra. Param and other family members request Joba not to take any whimsical decision that could put her life at risk. But Joba shows her courage and faces Tandra.

Meanwhile, the cops arrive and Tandra gets shocked. She tries to figure out a way to flee. The officer asks Joba whether she has any sort of evidence to prove that Rumpa is none other than Tandra. Joba tells that she will submit the evidence to them.

Suddenly, the light in the puja pandal goes off. And the family members discover that Tandra has run away.

Joba and other family members come back home. They are disappointed as Tandra has run away once again. Joba points out that someone might have helped Tandra to run away. She discusses with the family members about the same.