Bigg Boss 13: Twitterati feels that Sidharth Shukla is the happiest of Shehnaz Gill; #WeLoveSidNaaz trends

After watching the previous episode of Bigg Boss 13 , Twitterati could not help spilling his affection in Sidharth Shukla & Shehnaz Gill . They got on to their social media accounts & started the hashtag ' WeLoveSidNaaz '.

Many users commented how they wanted to see Sid & Sana together, & shared they are best together.

While one called their bond 'fire & ice', another user wrote, "I have never seen Sid being this happy or even close to something like this with someone else in the house, not even Asim. Clearly, Shehnaaz brings out the best version of him."

Check out some of the tweets:

In the episode that aired last night (October 31), Shehnaz joked with Sidharth if he was really dating Rashami. While laughing, Shehnaz continued to ask other contestants about it by asking them to choose a finger.

She continued to play around & teased him about still being in love with Rashami. Sidharth doesn't take seriously.

It is this fun banter between the two that has got the viewers hooked. In the house of Bigg Boss, the two are now seen spending a lot of time together, & share some really adorable moments. This makes fans want their union.