Do you like Greek yogurt? This is how you can do it at home

Divya, a media professional, loves to delight in sweet treats, every day after her lunch, but her habit has eventually increased her blood sugar level. However, he finds it quite difficult to contain his sweet cravings, recently tasted Greek yogurt and fell in love with its texture and flavor. This healthy yogurt satisfies your cravings and makes you happy!

Like her, if you are also a sweet tooth, you can relate to the feeling when you want to enjoy something delicious, but often stop thinking about calories. Well, Greek yogurt is something that happily satisfies your sweet cravings and doesn't induce many calories.

Late, Greek yogurt has turned out to be a fad among fitness enthusiasts and this is simply due to its taste and health benefits. And the best part of this delicacy is that it has few calories and is loaded with the goodness of the probiotic elements, which are good for digestion.

No wonder, Greek yogurt is delightful, but choosing processed or packaged Greek yogurt is not the best option! This is simply due to its sugar content and additional preservatives, which are added to increase its shelf life. So why not prepare it at home and deepen the goodness of this healthy yogurt! Keep reading while we share a simple but delicious Greek yogurt recipe!

GREEk yoghurt

Ho w para hacer yogurt griego en casa

1 step:

Take a bowl and heat 1 liter of milk. Heat the milk until it starts to boil. Turn off the flame once the milk begins to scald.

Step 2:

Permita que la leche se enfríe a una temperatura ambiente normal. Cuando la leche alcance una temperatura normal, transfiérala a un recipiente de vidrio o de barro. Es imprescindible prepararlo en una olla de barro y se recomienda evitar el acero inoxidable. El yogurt se prepara utilizando cultivos de bacterias saludables. Por lo tanto, necesita un buen recipiente para fermentar.

Step 3:

A continuación, agregue tres cucharadas de yogurt a la leche, una vez que esté tibio, esto hace que sea fácil de mezclar con yogur. Las bacterias saludables presentes en el yogurt se amalgaman con la leche y convierten la leche entera en una mezcla fermentada saludable.

Step 4:

Keep this blend aside 3 to 4 hours and allow it to ferment and turn into yoghurt. Keep it in a warm and dry place to attain that perfect consistency. Drain the excess water and keep the yoghurt in the refrigerator and your greek yoghurt is ready. To make it sweet you can add some sugar, stevia or jaggery while boiling the milk. This will give you that sweet taste. Ho wever, even if you don't add sugar, the taste and texture of freshly prepared yoghurt is usually sweet.