Center that gives itself to the revenge policy against P Chidambaram: Ashok Gehlot

NEW DELHI: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday he said the NDA government at the Center is giving up and former finance minister P Chidambaram Detention is an example of that.

He along with the Congressman and the son of Chidambaram visited the leader of the Congress today.

The detention of Chidambaram is an example of the revenge policy that is practiced throughout the country. He has been detained for 70 days and this shows that there is no democracy left in the nation. Chidambaram has great faith in the judiciary. The Supreme Court has given you bail in one case and the same argument is happening in the other. We believe that after the order of the Supreme Court, lower courts generally grant bail without thinking. We believe he will receive bail soon, Gehlot told reporters here.

Gehlot also stated that Chidambaram had served the nation for 45 years and was now imprisoned as 'his reward'.

The Indian Economy is dying and P Chidambaram is concerned about it even in jail. There is no strength in cases against him. The whole country is watching this and the NDA government will need to pay for this, he added.

Echoing similar feelings, Karti Chidambaram said that his father is a victim of revenge policy and that the case against him is purely political in nature.

This is a revenge policy aimed at critics of this government. The government is trying to lower my father's height in public view. We consider this as a purely political case. This case has no merit and will eventually collapse in court. The leadership is standing with my father, Karti told reporters.

Chidambaram was arrested on August 21 by the IWC in connection with the corruption case and then sent to Tihar prison.

The CBI had registered an FIR on May 15, 2017, alleging irregularities in an authorization from the Board of Foreign Investment Promotion (FIPB) granted to the INX Media group for receiving funds abroad of Rs 305 million rupees in 2007, during Chidambaram's term as finance minister.

Subsequently, the ED presented a money laundering case about it in 2017.