Kellyanne Conway: Trump's fierce media boxer

WASHINGTON: On an October day outside of White House , two dozen journalists surrounded a surprisingly blond woman during what could have been confused with a heated argument.

You didn't answer the question, challenged a journalist.

What's up with this one? Another demanded.

What is your answer?

The grill continued for about 25 minutes and the whole woman, presidential adviser, backed away.

For each question - President Donald Trump The probable accusation, the trade between the United States and China, the vaping, she had an answer.

Often, that answer was really a no answer: she would find a way to change the subject, return the question to the journalist or simply complain.

But in a White House where few officials regularly communicate openly with the media, Conway was at least talking.

Besides, he was smiling, even if the smile dripped sarcasm.

An army of Secret Service agents protects Trump at the White House . But 12 months this Sunday from the 2020 presidential election, Conway and her sharp tongue might be his fiercest defender.

His extravagant sense of fashion: a snake skin print dress one day, a bright red one the next day, stands out in an often gray city.

And in an administration where the revolving door expels senior officials to the street at breakneck speed, Conway is a survivor.

Not only has he been there since day one, but he was already Trump's campaign manager in 2016, the first woman to present a winning US presidential candidacy.

But Conway's main singularity is his loyalty.

Whether you board the helicopter in South Lawn, meet in the Oval Office or look from the backstage at campaign rallies, the 52-year-old man is rarely far from the president's side.

And Conway, a lawyer and training pollster, is very aware of the deep anger against Trump in the divided country before the 2020 elections.

Her husband, the prominent Washington lawyer George Conway, is one of Trump's most prolific critics on Twitter and repeatedly questions the president's mental aptitude for the position.

It just amazes me how many people are still willing to sacrifice their honor and reputation to defend a man who has no redeeming moral virtues, George Conway tweeted Thursday.

Despite Kellyanne Conway's insistence that the political schism at home is unrelated to his work, Trump himself got involved in March, criticizing George Conway as a blow job and a husband from hell.

Kellyanne Conway works on policy behind the scenes. However, one of her most important roles is as a public face of the White House .

That means frequent appearances on Trump's favorite television network, Fox News, but also holding informal, less welcoming press conferences, known as gaggles with all other media.

Under fire, Conway reacts as his boss: attacks. The only difference is that she tends to be educated.

When asked in that October group about Trump's mark of any opponent to him among Republicans as scum, he said calmly: He would use different words.

But then he continued, saying: I think the president's point is legitimate.

Pressed on whether the White House was frustrated and confused in its attempt to respond to an ever-deepening impeachment crisis, she again went on the offensive.

You don't need to call me confused, he said, dressing the journalist who asked the question. It is not frustration, it is dismay.

While Conway seems to enjoy the exchange, the exchanges can become remarkably bitter.

Recently she reprimanded a reporter in the Washington Examiner for a conservative tendency to raise the issue of her husband's enmity with Trump in an article.

The accusations that she had also threatened the journalist angered her even more.

"I never threatened anyone. Don't use those words. It's not a threat," she insisted outside the White House .

If I threaten someone you will know, okay?

For a few seconds, Conway was not smiling.