The highlight of the review of the movie Aakasha Ganga 2: a decent first half that generates expectations about the next horror story

Nostalgia is triggered from the beginning of the movie. Aakasha Ganga 2 , which arrives 10 years after its original, Aakasha Ganga.

The film begins with the song Puthumazhayayi Vannu Nee, as the backstory is told through graphics. Rookie actress Veena Nair , who plays Arathi, protagonist of the film, resembles the heroine Divya Unni of the 2009 film, who played the character Maya.

As for the story of the sequel, Maya's daughter, Arathi Varma, an atheist, accepts her friends' challenge to talk to her late mother. After 20 years of her death after childbirth, Maya appears to her daughter to reveal her family's secrets. Arathi, a medical student, and her friends believe that evil spirits surround them?

The two-hour and 20-minute film is woven with many comedy scenes, along with scares. The nostalgic element of Akasha Ganga adds to the entertainment quotient of the film. Supporting actors Praveena, Vishnu, Sreenath Bhasi, Dharmajan, Thesni Khan and Riyaz have also done their part well. Cinematography and music also perform well. director Vinayan , who has also written the film, has served an interesting horror story through Aakasha Ganga 2.

Will Ganga, the evil spirit, possess Arathi and take revenge for the injustice that was shared when he was alive?