Sembaruthi Update, October 31: Parvathy to teach Mithra a lesson

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Nandhini question Miter about Vanaja 'injure and learn how Parvathy The plan failed miserably. Nadhini finds out that Akhilandeswari He doesn't know the details of the explosion.

Nandhini cautions Miter that, Vanaja is gearing up with a plan to trap Akhilandeswari . Hence, it is better to be careful with her.

Adithya puts the bindi to Parvathy 's forehead. She walks away from the room without noticing that her Mangalsutra isn’t hidden anymore. Aishwarya notices that Parvathy hasn’t hidden her Mangalsutra and warns her. Miter tries to humiliate Parvathy , who knows all the secrets about her. Earlier, Parvathy used to address Miter in a disrespectful way. But Parvathy decides to face Miter boldly. While Miter tries to hit her back, she gets a call from Nandhini . Miter moves away and attends the call. Parvathy follows her. Parvathy overhears that, Nandhini is instructing Miter to steal all the business-related documents from Akhilandeswari ’s laptop to destroy her business empire. Parvathy shares these updates to Ganesan and he encourages her to teach Miter a lesson. Miter notices Akhilandeswari working on her laptop. As Akhilandeswari leaves her laptop and leaves. Meanwhile, Miter tries to steal business secrets from Akhilandeswari ’s laptop. Parvathy wants to stop Miter from stealing the business-related secrets. Parvathy rushes and informs Akhilandeswari that Purushothaman has called her urgently. Following this, Akhilandeswari rushes back to her room. She wants Akhilandeswari to catch Miter .