Bigg Boss Kannada 7: Sujatha is injured during a task

The last season of Bigg Boss with all the famous participants has already become quite popular among the spectators. The creators do not leave stones without moving to entertain the public with new tasks. Recently, to crown the next Adhipathi of the house, Bigg Boss started a task. During the task, the housemates began to push and push each other into a particular arena.

As the game progressed, the contestants became quite physical while showing their strength, which led Sujatha to an unexpected injury.

Sujatha, who actively participated in the task, managed to stay up to the first three along with Priyanka and Kishen. In a surprising turn of events, the two pushed her unknowingly and suffered an injury.

Bigg Boss quickly stopped the task for a moment and urged the housemates to escort Sujatha to the confession room for medical assistance. After a complete checkup, Sujatha was diagnosed with a ligament injury.

On the one hand, Kishen felt he was responsible for the incident, as he was also one of the contestants who performed the task (within the dedicated arena) along with Sujatha.

However, Bigg Boss did not stop the task. As Rashmi and Priyanka managed to stay until the end on two different levels, independently, Bigg Boss ordered them to face each other at the final level.

Priyanka emerged victorious in the task and was crowned Queen of Darbar.