I wouldn't mind meeting a ghost in real life: Annwesha Hazra

The Chuni Panna television show is ready for launch. Actress Annwesha Hazra He will play the role of a bubbly girl, Chuni, who wishes to meet a ghost.

The promotion features an overly enthusiastic Chuni who is on a mission to meet a ghost and Nirbhik (played by Dibyojyoti Dutta ), who is afraid of them (ghost) has tickled the funny bones of the audience with their interesting stories. The actress is elated by her next adventure. Speaking about his role, he said: I wouldn't mind meeting a ghost one day. But I'm not as excited as Chuni to meet a ghost, ”he laughed.

When asked if he was afraid of ghosts, the bubbly actress said: “I was never afraid of ghosts. I have spent a long period in shelters. Some buildings were really old and you can guess all the floating rumors about such places, ”he jokingly said. But the actress is very excited to play Chuni.

Joyee's actor, Dibyojyoti, will be played as the male lead in the show. Annwesha and Dibyojyoti will share the screen for the first time. Actress Tulika Basu He will play Panna, a ghost. The show is scheduled to be released on November 11.