Shah Rukh Khan beats Barack Obama to get the highest rating for the David Letterman show

Shahrukh khan it's not just the Badshah of Bollywood But the actor also enjoys a great fan who follows him around the world. His enigmatic style and charming personality with ingenious phrases are what puts the public on alert.

The 'Raees' actor recently appeared on David Letterman The talk and opening program about his professional and personal life. Not only that, but the program even gave the public a vision of their personal lives and presented their equations with their children.

But what has caught our attention now is the fact that the program received its highest IMDb rating of 9.3 exceeding the ratings of previous Letterman episodes. As soon as the interview was revealed for viewing, a storm took on social media and everyone went crazy!

Both, David and SRK bonded over conversations revolving around his personal life and success. Earlier, David Letterman had described Shah Rukh as the most popular movie star in the world.

David Letterman has also, hosted Hollywood actor George Clooney , former president of the United States Barack Obama and Nobel Prize Malala Yousafzai among other dignitaries in their talk show.