Enjoy an interactive science fiction work in the city

Snake Songs , by The Barefoot Theater Company, will take the stage in the city on November 3. Three audiences about the existence of snakes in the human bloodstream is an interactive, stimulating and entertaining theatrical production, designed to provoke the spirit of public questioning. An adaptation of the science fiction story by James Alan Gardner It is a fantastic historical account of how otherness is manufactured, and how the differences between human beings are magnified, preserved and even deliberately worshiped. The audience's questions become part of the performance, as do the actors' own reflections and associations.n This story of the human race in a parallel universe not very different from our own paintings is a radical historical canvas that we it allows to clearly see the causal links that constitute an incessant march towards a desolate wasteland.

In Snake Songs , we present the songs and music of the original production, while trying to give a general idea of ​​the story. Public questions remain one of the most important parts of the experience.

The English-Hindi work will be represented in Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theater .