Nicki Minaj's enigmatic tweet triggers rumors of pregnancy

Rapper Nicki Minaj The cryptic tweet has caused fan speculation about whether she is pregnant.

Waiting, was the tweet of a word from Nicki, according to a report on the news portal.

And then, even when many of his fans continued with a guessing game, the 36-year-old rapper quickly eliminated her tweet.

Nicki, it turns out I was simply in the mood to make some radio ads. She took Twitter again, shortly after deleting the original tweet, to explain what he meant.

My bad you, he wrote, to emphasize that everything was silly of him. Then he added: Waiting for an official date/time for #QueenRadio in the morning. Blogs publish a typo that was active for 14 seconds Chile. Go to bed. Even if it's daytime in your time zone. You all just go to bed.

Nicki's tweet came in the wake of his recent marriage to Kenneth Petty . By officially announcing the marriage on October 21, Nicki has said he will retire from music to focus on the family.

According to the report, Nicki's relationship with Kenneth has generated controversy since it was made public in December 2018.

Kenneth, 40, is registered sex offender in New York and was convicted of attempted rape in 1995. He was reportedly imprisoned for 10 months in 2006 after pleading guilty in a first-degree manslaughter case.