The highlight of the Underworld movie review: a first half about the underworld and overcoming

Underworld, directed by Arun Kumar Aravind , tracks the lives of four people, who are notorious in their own way. The first half of the 2-hour and 40-minute film revolves around crime, betrayal and monopoly. What each of the characters has in common is the relentless pursuit of getting what they want, mainly through illegal means. Asif Ali rehearse the role of the young gangster Stalin John, who is a one-man army with an aura of 'don't mess with me'.

Majeed Abdul Rahman ( Farhan Faasil ) is a goonda contract. In a parallel space, the politician Padmanabhan Nair, played by Mukesh, is arrested for a multimillion dollar scam. Solomon Lal Jr ) works for Padmanabhan and is the only thread that connects it to the outside world. Stalin, Majeed and Padmanabhan are united by one common thing: prison. How their lives are intertwined forms the rest of the story.