Indraadip shares what inspired him to do 'Kedara'

The debut director of the composer Indraadip Dasgupta, the winner of the Kedara National Prize, finally premieres today after earning praise from different sectors. The highly anticipated movie sees kaushik Ganguly as Narasingha with her extraordinary abilities as a ventriloquist and enveloping loneliness.

The heart-wrenching theme of Kedara, a lonely existence of a middle-aged man without a job, has already awakened moviegoers. When asked what inspired him to make the film, the director explains Kedara's main theme.

“The basic idea came a few years after I started living alone. There are always positive and negative attributes to live away from the family and not be married: learn to live in a new way, adjusting to the lonely world. I return to an empty house, but I am not alone. The ‘I time’ I have, let me be more in the realms of imagination and

kedara devise many ideas of human stories, with Kedara being the first among them. Loneliness may be the central theme of the film, but I have tried to weave into other relevant subjects, such as the slow death of certain art forms such as ventriloquism . We no longer see ventriloquists creating a completely new world simply by imitating different voices of humans, animals and other things alike. At the same time, I have also tried to show a person who is no longer happening very professionally and, therefore, is a social misfit, where success is measured in monetary terms. Everything is not performance oriented or objective, it is not an Excel sheet and who decides what success is? , Indraadip explains.

In addition to Kaushik Gnaguly, the film produced by Samiran Das also stars Rudranil Ghosh & Bidipta Chakraborty .