Swapnil Joshi: I get scared easily. So, making a horror movie like Bali will be a challenge

From mythology to comedy and romance, Swapnil Joshi He has been part of multiple films and shows in these genres. Generally considered a romantic film hero in the Marathi industry, the actor has been shifting gears and testing different genres, Bhikari and Mogara Phulalaa being recent examples For me, it is a conscious change. I deliberately try to break the image with which I am associated, ”shares Swapnil.

As part of this change, the actor is entering unknown territory with his next. Titled Bali, this will be the first time Swapnil will make a horror film in his career. While the actor is happy that he was approached for this film, he also shares that it was a tough decision for him. Why? “Because I am personally not a big fan of horror. The reason behind that is that I get scared easily, ”laughs Swapnil before adding,“ But the fact that Vishal (director Vishal Fury ) thought of me for this role is a great thing. He tells me that the directors are looking to play me in non-romantic roles.

Swapnil is also aware that leaving the comfort zone comes with its share of challenges. But that is a risk you are willing to take. “Look, the definition of success undergoes changes as you mature. For some actors, box office numbers and popularity are the defining factors and that is not bad at all. But in the phase I am in now, I want to do things that give me job satisfaction. Maybe people will like a movie, maybe not. But at the end of the day, if I am satisfied with what I have done, I will be happy. In addition, failure makes you understand the value of success, ”he says.

The fact that Bali's announcement approaches Halloween makes one wonder if it was timed, but Swapnil responds negatively by saying that it was only a ‘scary coincidence. He is also quick to point out that this movie will be a more terrifying experience for the public. If you think about it, except Vishal's Lapachhapi , the Marathi industry has never had horror films per se. There wee horror comedies, but not films that gave you sleepless nights. I think Bali will fill that void. What’s more interesting is that the film’s story induces fear and not the usual jump-scares or loud music that Indian horror films try to make you scared with, ”he informs.

Speaking of sleepless nights, the conversation cannot end without Swapnil’s experiences. We ask him if he’s encountered anything supernatural or is there a film that gives him the chills till date and he replies, “I haven’t encountered anything but I have heard ample stories to be scared. My grandmother used to always tell me that if there’s good in the world, there’s evil as well. You cannot deny that. But I hope I don't eat across evil because I am not sure if I can sleep well after that! ”He adds,“ I had a sleepless night after reading the story of Bali. After watching The Conjuring, I couldn’t sleep properly for more than a week. You can imagine what a lover of the horror genre I am! So, am I ready for the film? Maybe not. But am I looking forward to get scared through the shoot of the film? And it is!


We are happy to venture into a new genre with Bali. And who better than Vishal Fury to direct this horror film? His Lapachhapi is considered as one of the best horror films in recent times. We also have one of the top actors of the Marathi industry, Swapnil Joshi , in the lead. Even for him, this is an opportunity to explore a different genre.

- Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik Nishandar, producers

Bali will be much more scarier and thrilling than Lapachhapi. I feel Swapnil's talent as an actor has not been explored fully till date. And after meeting him, I was confident that he would be fit for this role. Plus, he's a star and that will help our film reach the masses as well.

- Vishal Fury , director